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GRREAT, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue, foster care, and placement of Golden Retrievers in Maryland, northern Virginia, the District of Columbia, Delaware, south central Pennsylvania, and eastern West Virginia

Giving up your Golden?

People give up their dogs for a variety of reasons - time limitations, divorce, financial problems, expensive and/or difficult medical care required for the dog, etc. If you are considering this...

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Membership - for you and your dog!

Join GRREAT or renew your membership. And while you are at it, for a mere $10, your dog (or other animal companion) can be a member, too!

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Pet Food Recalls

Periodically, recalls are issued for dog-related items. Keep you Golden (and other pets) safe by staying up-to-date on pet food and snack recalls at the Food and Drug Administration web site.

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