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As the dog days of summer have descended upon us, thoughts of crisp autumn days fill our dreams. Along with cooler days, the fall also brings GRREAT’s Annual 3K Walk, to be held this year on October 28, 2017. This event is a major fundraiser for GRREAT and the proceeds are used to offset our continually rising veterinary costs.

GRREAT prides itself in never turning away a dog due to a medical condition and Scully, Indiana, Hunter, and Sammy are testaments to that ideal.

17-031 ScullySCULLY (17-031), is an 8-year-old male who came into GRREAT after being a seeing eye dog who was diagnosed with Lymphoma. It was discovered that the cancer had spread to his liver & spleen so options were somewhat limited on how to treat him. He’s currently on Prednisone & herbs from Australia that have proven to be beneficial to dogs with Lymphoma. While Scully’s prognosis is grim, he has already surpassed his life expectancy & his foster family says he’s a very happy boy who doesn’t know he’s sick. He loves to go on walks, he loves to eat, & he loves to chase squirrels! We don’t know how much time Scully has, but his foster family is ensuring that every day is the best it can be, filled with lots of love and lots of treats!

17-043 IndyINDIANA (17-043), has a similar story in many ways. Indy came into GRREAT after being given up by his original owners due to expenses and multiple moves. He adapted to his foster family quickly; however, he lost interest in everything after a couple weeks. He was wobbly when he walked and he wouldn’t eat or run to the door to say “Hello.” He was taken to the vet to check out what could be going on with him and began the first of many visits to a number of different vets. Each visit came with a varying diagnosis of what was wrong. During this time, he received the heartbreaking diagnosis of Lymphoma. Currently, Indy is on Prednisone and Gabapentin and will be starting a course of Australian Herbs. Indy is feeling much better, has his appetite back, is going for walks, and even swimming!

11-206 HunterHUNTER (11-206), is a 7-year-old male who came into GRREAT in March 2017. He had a prodigious appetite, insane thirst, and a large lump on his throat. Tests showed that his thyroid level was very high. Further tests revealed that Hunter’s mass was a thyroid tumor the size of a clementine. It hadn’t spread, but if left untreated it would probably spread and grow, eventually choking him. Hunter was put on medication to lower his thyroid, and started a risky and expensive course of radiation therapy 3 times a week, for 4 weeks. It’s now been 2 months since Hunter completed his treatment. Although he did have some side effects of the treatment, they resolved fairly quickly. He still has a good appetite and is playful – but is no longer desperately thirsty. He will continue to visit an oncologist to monitor the tumor.

16-053 SammySAMMY (16-053), came to GRREAT as a 7-year-old needing ACL/Meniscus surgery on both rear legs. In November 2016, he had the first of 2 surgeries on his rear legs. After the surgery, he had a grueling healing process before having to repeat it for the other leg. A standard blood test before his 2nd surgery found Sammy’s calcium levels to be elevated. When the blood work was repeated, the levels were even higher! Sammy was taken to an internal medicine doctor and they found a small adenoma on one of his parathyroid glands. Sammy endured another surgery to remove the growth. The doctor removed both thyroid glands from the left side of his neck and sent it out for a biopsy. It turned out to be a parathyroid carcinoma, an extremely rare form of cancer.

Research proves cancer is common in Retrievers. These four Golden Retrievers have benefited from treatment in a variety of ways (radiation, surgery, Australian herbs). They may not have been able to receive this treatment without GRREAT’s commitment to care for these dogs. The only reason GRREAT is able to help Goldens like Scully, Indiana, Hunter, and Sammy, is due to your generous support without which medical treatment would not be possible.





RESCUE HERO ($750 or more):  Your company logo and name – or your name or dog’s name – will be listed prominently on the event T-shirt to be given to all walkers.  You are also invited to have a table at our event to raise awareness of your product and /or services.

RESCUE ANGEL ($500):  Your company logo and name – or your name or dog’s name – will be listed on the event T-shirt to be given to all walkers.  Also, you are invited to have a table at our event to raise awareness of your product and/or services.

RESCUE PARTNER ($300):  Your company name and logo – or your name or dog’s name – will be listed on the event T-Shirt in large print.

FRIEND OF RESCUE ($100):  Your company name – or your name or dog’s name – will be listed on the event T-Shirt.

In addition, all levels of sponsorship will be listed in both our flier, on our website, and in all other publicity about this event, including press releases in local newspapers.

If you wish to become a sponsor, or have any questions, please email  Tiffany Bridgers  no later than September 24, 2017.