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SONNY (14-033)

SONNY (14-033) is a 6 year old sweet Golden boy looking for a loving home


LUKE (14-054)

LUKE (14-054) is a 65 lb, 1 yr old, Golden mix; full of potential to be a fantastic competitive athlete and/or constant companion/best buddy to an active and experienced dog handler.


CHARLIE (15-010)

CHARLIE (15-010) is a 7-month-old Golden boy who is loving, smart, and handsome! He is currently around 50 pounds. Charlie loves people and can’t get enough attention; he is very cuddly and follows you around the house. He is happy-go-lucky with a good balance of energy and “chill.”


BUCKLEY (15-017)

BUCKLEY (15-017) is one of the sweetest and cuddliest dogs you will ever meet. He is truly a gentle giant weighing 87 lbs. Buckley wants nothing more than to be close to his people. At 5 years old he is a perfect mix of mellow gentleman and a bouncy happy pup (especially when the food bowl comes out!)


LEXI (15-018)

LEXI (15-018) is a bright, eager, and beautiful 2 yr old girl. She is a polite, though energetic, houseguest with a very Velcro personality, and you will often find her underfoot or leaning against you.


BELLA (15-022)

BELLA (15-022) is a happy and affectionate female Golden with a beautiful red coat. She is about 5 years old and 53 pounds. Bella has many wonderful qualities, such as having excellent house manners, being calm when riding in the car, walking at an easy pace on the leash, sitting and lying down when asked, resting and sleeping in her dog bed, and interacting easily with other dogs.