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GINGER (12-113)

GINGER (12-113) is a 12 year old female that currently weighs 66lbs, and she is the epitome of a Golden Sweetheart. She came into rescue at 98lbs and has greatly benefitted from her weight loss.  Ginger is fully housebroken and can go a full workday with free roam in the house. She gets along great […]


JAMES DEAN (12-146)

JAMES DEAN (12-146) is a very sweet 10 yr old guy. Once James decides he loves you, he will follow you everywhere in the house, and we mean everywhere; he’s a major velcro dog. James can be shy around new people, but if you love on him, before too long he’s giving you the paw and laying his head on you.


BUBBY (13-032)

BUBBY (13-032) AKA Bubbles, AKA Bubblicious, is a 3 yr old petite Golden mix with a lot of heart and a super smile. He is housebroken and crate-trained, and pretty good at sit.


JACK (13-109)

JACK (13-190) is a 2 year old, very high energy boy with a few quirks.


SONNY (14-033) and ZIGGY (14-034)

SONNY (14-033), 6 years old, and ZIGGY (14-034), 5 years old, are a sweet pair of Goldens looking for a loving home together.


LUKE (14-054)

LUKE (14-054) is a 65 lb, 1 yr old, Golden mix; full of potential to be a fantastic competitive athlete and/or constant companion/best buddy to an active and experienced dog handler.


GADGET (14-056)

GADGET (14-056) is an almost 2 yr old male mix. He looks like a fun-size Golden at a diminutive 46 pounds, but don’t let that small size fool you; he’s packed with an amazingly active herding-dog personality.


MOLLY (14-069)

MOLLY (14-069) is a petite Golden with a huge personality. She is totally focused on the people in her world, and really does not like to be out of sight of at least one of her humans. She is pretty flexible about which one happens to be nearby.


CHARLIE (14-071)

CHARLIE (14-071) My name is Charlie and I am a 10 yr old Golden mix. I currently weigh 88 pounds, but I am working on taking off a few more. My energy level is a pleasant calm – my foster parents say I am very laid-back, the epitome of a Virginia Gentleman.


SANTANA (14-073)

SANTANA (14-073) is a beautiful, sweet and friendly 3 yr old girl. She has a happy personality and is always ready for hugs and kisses, play time, meal time, and especially cuddle time.