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LUKE (14-054)

LUKE (14-054) is a 65 lb, 1 yr old, Golden mix; full of potential to be a fantastic competitive athlete and/or constant companion/best buddy to an active and experienced dog handler.


LAMBERT (15-035)

LAMBERT (15-035) is an 85 lb., approximately 3 yr old Golden boy with lots of energy. He loves tennis balls and toys of all kinds. Lambert thinks he is a lap dog and will climb up if possible.


EMMA (15-036)

Beautiful Emma is about 4 years old and weighs 75 pounds. She came to GRREAT as a stray; abandoned, sick, and pregnant with puppies. Now she is moving to the next phase of her life, and we are looking for an adult-only, loving, quiet, peaceful Forever home.


CIDER (15-045) and CHANCE (15-046)

CIDER (15-045) and CHANCE (15-046) are two bonded friends that have been a pleasure to foster. Cider is a 9 1/2 yr old female Yellow Lab and Chance is a 7 1/2 yr old male red Golden. Both dogs are very pleasant and very friendly with adults and children of all ages within our household.


LADY (15-059)

LADY (15-059) is an adorable 3 year old golden mix weighing in at only 25 pounds! When you first meet Lady you will notice that she is smaller than she looks in her photos. While she is small in stature, she has an enormous personality and is a ton of fun to be around.


PIPER (15-073)

PIPER (15-073) is a very smart, loving, energetic, 1 year old Golden lady who is very easy to fall in love with. She is a beautiful girl with long legs, the sweetest face, a gorgeous medium golden coat and is a comfortable 61lbs.


ABI (15-075)

ABI (15-075) is a petite 55 lb, 3 yr old Golden. She was a young mother and never really got to experience her own puppyhood – despite her eternal puppy looks and actions. Abi is playing with toys for the first time in her life – and she loves them!


JACKSON (15-076)

JACKSON (15-076) is a 65-lb, 2 yr old golden mix with a very fair complexion. He had spent his entire life outdoors until he was taken in by GRREAT, but despite his humble beginnings, Jackson is truly a gem of a dog.