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LUKE (14-054)

LUKE (14-054) is a 65 lb, 1 yr old, Golden mix; full of potential to be a fantastic competitive athlete and/or constant companion/best buddy to an active and experienced dog handler.


LEXIE (15-029)

LEXIE (15-029) is a lovely senior gal that is about 12 years old and has captured the hearts of many she has met with her endearing smile (even while she sleeps) and constantly wagging tail


MARGIE (15-034)

MARGIE (15-034) is a super sweet, happy, low-energy 10 year old Golden girl who will capture your heart at hello. She is a beautiful lady with a light golden coat and is a petite, yet comfortable, 64lbs.


SAMMY (15-040)

SAMMY (15-040) is a sweet, happy, spunky 10 year old Golden boy who is very easy to fall in love with. He is a handsome guy with a medium golden coat and is a comfortable 70lbs. Don’t let Sammy’s age fool you, he has found the fountain of youth and is full of energy, pure happiness and enthusiasm for life.