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LUKE (14-054)

LUKE (14-054) is a 65 lb, 1 yr old, Golden mix; full of potential to be a fantastic competitive athlete and/or constant companion/best buddy to an active and experienced dog handler.


LAMBERT (15-035)

LAMBERT (15-035) is an 85 lb., approximately 3 yr old Golden boy with lots of energy. He loves tennis balls and toys of all kinds. Lambert thinks he is a lap dog and will climb up if possible.


CIDER (15-045) and CHANCE (15-046)

CIDER (15-045) and CHANCE (15-046) are two bonded friends that have been a pleasure to foster. Cider is a 9 1/2 yr old female Yellow Lab and Chance is a 7 1/2 yr old male red Golden. Both dogs are very pleasant and very friendly with adults and children of all ages within our household.


ANNIE (15-056)

ANNIE (15-056) is a beautiful, energetic, and happy 2.5 year old Golden girl with a soft, light red coat. She’s petite but still filling out, weighing in at just under 50 pounds, which makes her very agile and athletic.