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MAGGIE (08-058)

MAGGIE (08-058) is a sweet 10 year old girl but don’t let her age fool you! She’s a very active and energetic 10 year old.


JOSEY (12-044)

JOSEY a 3 yr old lightning bolt cunningly disguised as a Golden. For the most part he’s textbook Golden – a sweet, cuddly, curious, playful, shedding machine. At other times he assumes the persona of his namesake The Outlaw Josey Wales – somewhat short on obedience and never shy of pushing the boundaries. Josey loves everyone […]


MAX (12-109)

Max is a cheery and affectionate 9 year-old Golden. He is a tall guy with long legs and is a comfortable 75lbs. Keep reading and don’t let his age discourage you; he still has plenty of energy to keep up with you! He loves to play fetch with his tennis ball and, like a great retriever, […]


GINGER (12-113)

Ginger is an 11 year old female that currently weighs 68lbs. Ginger is the epitome of a Golden Sweetheart. She came into rescue at 98lbs and her weight loss quest continues. Ginger is fully housebroken and can go a full workday free roam in the house. She gets along great with other dogs but cats […]


JAMES DEAN (12-146)

JAMES DEAN (12-146) is a very sweet 10 yr old guy. Once James decides he loves you, he will follow you everywhere in the house, and we mean everywhere; he’s a major velcro dog. James can be shy around new people, but if you love on him, before too long he’s giving you the paw and laying his head on you.


BUBBY (13-032)

BUBBY (13-032) AKA Bubbles, AKA Bubblicious, is a 3 yr old petite Golden mix with a lot of heart and a super smile. He is housebroken and crate-trained, and pretty good at sit.


JAKE (13-099)

JAKE (13-099) is a very energetic and loving 2 year old male Golden weighing in at 90 pounds. If there were a casting call for a young handsome Golden, Jake would easily win the part; he is a large, lean, athletic Golden boy with classic good looks who turns heads wherever he goes. He is in excellent health, is fully housebroken and loves to go for a ride in the car.


CODY (14-007)

CODY (14-007) is a 3 year old handsome boy that weighs 90lbs. He is a calm and very sweet dog that will follow you around all day.


MAXIE (14-008)

MAXIE (14-008) is a beautiful, loving 8-year old girl. She is a true velcro Golden, and she is happiest when she is with her people and being petted.


DRAKE (14-011)

DRAKE (14-011) is a really nice 2 year boy. He is average-sized, about 75 pounds, with a large head. He is very laid back and low key for a young Golden, and he loves to just come and sit next to us and lean.