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CUCUMBER (18-021) is a sweet, beautiful 2-year-old boy who weighs about 74 pounds. He gets along well with other dogs and cats but his favorite place is with his people. Cucumber has some anxiety so he is gated in a safe space when the family is out of the house. This is working well and he is learning to relax and not bark when he’s alone. Cucumber does not have free access to the house when we’re gone because he will take items off of countertops and tables, or find socks or stuffed toys, and may chew or ingest them. This is probably a self-soothing behavior that should improve as he gains confidence. Cucumber enjoys playing fetch with his tennis ball and will readily bring it back as often as you are willing to throw it, but because of his tendency to chew and swallow toys, they are put away unless we’re actively playing with him. Cucumber pulls a little on leash but with practice is learning to walk nicely, and he rides well in the car even though he is a bit nervous. He would prefer a fenced yard, but a dedicated walker could also help him to get enough exercise. Cucumber needs a calm environment with a predictable routine and regular exercise. Positive-reinforcement training will allow him to continue to gain confidence and to bond with his new family, so it will be a requirement with his adoption. He is very eager to please and should do very well in training class. He will do best in a home without children and without small items within his reach. Cucumber just needs to know what is expected of him and that he can count on his people to guide him with consistent and positive instruction. With love, patience and activities to keep him engaged, Cucumber is sure to blossom.