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BELLA (18-045) I am a 6.5 year old female named Bella but my foster mom calls me her ‘Dream Angel.’ When I asked her why, she said there were two reasons. One, my coat is a beautiful, silky vanilla that reminds her of angels. And the second is that I am perfectly behaved in the house, no bad habits. She said I’m simply a joy to have around. Once she explained that to me I had to agree! However, I must also admit that I am not so perfect when it comes to outdoors and my leash behavior. If my foster mom forgets to tell me to stay in the house, I will run outside and look for chipmunks or squirrels so my new family MUST be vigilant around doors and I MUST have a fenced yard. When we are walking, I sometimes forget my manners, and need to be reminded not to chase anything. If I meet people or other dogs on our long walks, my leash behavior is excellent and I am happy to greet or ignore the animal or person, depending on their desire. My health is excellent, but I did have a serious skin infection that is now all gone. Because of this I must remain on special dog food and have medicated baths so it does not return. I need a safely fenced yard so I can have fun chasing things. I have never met a cat but if the cat runs, I will chase! If that cat stays quiet and wants to snuggle, we will be fine. I am very gentle and quiet and very good with young children.