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BUDDY (18-038) is a very loving, very cuddly 10 yr old boy. He craves human attention and has an eye on his people at all times. He wants to be near people so much, it is easy to fall over him if you aren’t careful! Buddy loves his daily walks and is a perfect gentleman on leash, staying right at your heel. He doesn’t mind car rides, and loves to lay with his head in your lap. When Buddy first came to our home he had a little trouble learning to be an inside dog and to trust that his new foster brother was a friend. But he now gets along well with his foster brother and in fact, finds comfort in his presence. He would do very well with another calm dog in his permanent home. Buddy has a deformed front leg that he walks on very well. The vet thinks this does cause some discomfort, so we try to keep his walks to a mile round trip and he takes a glucosamine supplement for his joint health. He has been successfully treated for a tick infection and will need a follow-up in about 6 months to check his blood levels. Buddy loves to sleep on the bed with humans, so his ideal family would allow that. He also loves to chase cats, so he is looking for a cat-free house. Buddy does well left at home with his foster dog brother. Without another dog he is very nervous, but does fine in a crate. Ideally, someone retired, working from home or home a lot would be an ideal match for Buddy, as he really just longs for as much human companionship as he can find.