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Casper17-040_3CASPER (17-040) is a high-energy 10-month male Golden who was rescued from Egypt. He is in good health and will require a great deal of exercise like daily hiking, jogging, long walks, fetch, etc. Casper weighs a little over 50 pounds and still has some growing to do. He will play fetch but chasing and being chased by other dogs is the best fun for him. Casper gets along very well with our 3-year old Golden, but can easily get overly excited so we monitor their interactions and do need to intervene from time to time. We recommend that Casper be in a home either as an only dog or with a younger dog who can tolerate his high energy play. Occasionally Casper will bark or growl at other dogs, but he’s usually friendly once he gets to know them. Cats are unknown but he would probably chase them. Casper is learning house manners but he still sometimes chews on things that aren’t his. We are working on trading for a treat if we need to remove an object that Casper wants. Casper sleeps wherever he wants at night but he is crated when we’re away. He Casper17-040_4is still getting used to a crate and may bark from time-to-time. He would be most happy in a home where he is not left alone for long periods. He is house-trained, is quite good on a leash, is picking up on basic commands, loves riding in the car, likes water (sprinklers are his jam), and responds well to positive reinforcement. We’re still working on “come,” which is a challenge for him when he is excited or distracted. Casper loves to follow us around, inside and out, and has all the makings of a faithful Velcro pup. He would love to be in a home with people who like to snuggle. He gets along well with neighborhood kids but should live in an adult-only household as he can be possessive of his toys; we’re working on that with the help of a trainer. Continued training is a must and a family that is familiar with working with puppies and some challenging behaviors would be ideal. With a little work, this sweet Diamond-in-the-Ruff will surely make a great companion for an active family and we will miss him quite a bit.