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Colby17-074_2-2COLBY (17-074) is a nice 6-year old boy who gets along well with other dogs and cats. Colby is a Golden-Pyrenees mix and has several traits typical of a Pyrenees; he is smart and can be strong-willed at times with a mind of his own, requiring a confident owner who can take charge. He would do best in a home with experienced dog owners and no kids. Colby is not a “Velcro-golden” but loves being with his people. He will lounge on the sofa as you relax in the evening and sleep beside your bed without making a peep all night. The only exceptions are his occasional dreams which seem quite exciting – he will quietly bark and yip throughout the dream and seems to enjoy his nighttime adventures. He will let you know when he wants to go outside and when he wants to come back in by barking or scratching at the door. Since he loves to spend lots of time
outside, a fenced yard is recommended. Colby does have a mind of his own at times if what he is involved in is just too fun to walk away from, but he does respect a leash and will sit for you to attach it and follow you where you want to go. Colby’s one issue is that he has allergies which are being controlled with medication, regular allergy shots and diet. Allergy testing indicates he has a strong allergy to dust mites, and a mild allergy to mold, turkey and feathers. Upon arrival at his foster home in mid-November Colby began a diet of non-processed food which may be a solution to his allergy issues. He has responded well to the diet and his allergy medication has already been reduced, with the end goal being to control his symptoms without the use of medication. It is highly recommended that his new family continue a home-made meal plan with fresh ingredients, avoidance of store bought treats and processed chew toys, and limit his exposure to chemicals in the yard and house. He LOVES his new diet and we can definitely help you put a plan together! Colby is an absolute love; a typical happy Golden who loves life and will reward you with a wag of his tail every time he sees you – even when he is lounging on his favorite sofa and seems to be napping!