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COOPER (19-010) is only two, but he has an old soul. He has excellent house manners and would like nothing more than to enjoy a peaceful day with you on the couch. He’d love to join you in bed, too, but if you’d rather he didn’t, he’ll happily settle into his doggy bed with his favorite stuffed animals. Cooper is a homebody and can be a little anxious about leaving the house for a walk or going for a car ride. With loving encouragement and a little training, his intelligence and eagerness to please will help him to build confidence with these activities but for now, a house with a fenced yard would be ideal. Because Cooper likes the quiet life and can startle easily, he would do best in a home with no young children. He’d love to have someone home with him for at least part of the day, and while he hasn’t shown much interest in other dogs, he would probably be ok with a calm gentleman like himself. Cooper has recently learned about cats. He thinks they are pretty cool and wishes they would play with him. He’s very curious and he’ll jog after them if they run, but he respects kitty claws and won’t get rough. A dog-savvy cat will quickly have him trained. Cooper is a sweet and loyal fellow who will keep your home safe with his impressive (but not excessive) barking. He’ll also keep your home happy with his silly smile and his soft puppy cuddles!