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Available Dogs arrow DUKE (18-061) and DIESEL (18-062)

DUKE (18-061) and DIESEL (18-062). These 11 year old boys are very sweet and at times VERY playful! They are friendly, love meeting new people and love little kids. Though they are, of course, individuals, Duke (the blonde) is the leader/instigator, and Diesel happily follows suit. They like to be outside in the sun so a fenced yard would be ideal. They enjoy car rides, and they really like walking. They are slowly getting the hint that walking in a straight line on the sidewalk is a good plan (as opposed to trapesing through neighbors’ flowerbeds). They are very interested in retrieving balls and sticks and Duke for sure will bring one back if you throw it. They like to sleep near their humans and are grateful and excited to see food when it’s time to eat. Duke likes to carry soft toys around in his mouth and both boys will de-stuff toys sometimes. They get along very well with the other goldens in their foster home but enjoy chasing cats outside, so they may not do well with household kitties. Duke and Diesel are both able and willing to navigate stairs and they love to rough house with one another and often act like puppies in many ways. They can be a bit mischievous; counter surfing, shopping in bags from the grocery store, and chewing on things that don’t belong to them. Fortunately though, they are redirected very easily and can be gated to a safe area of the house when left alone. These boys turn in early and like to wake up for their first potty break on the early side. They enjoy being petted and receiving affection from humans; Duke will lay his head in your lap, and Diesel will sit with his paw on your leg. They will be really great companions for their new humans!