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Jameson18-001_2JAMESON (18-001) is an 8 year old tall and trim boy that weighs about 85 pounds. Initially shy and tentative in new situations and when meeting people, when he realizes that “you’re okay and he’s okay” the tail-wags begin, and you’ve just made a new best friend! Jameson enjoys being taken for walks, but he really pulls on the leash, and so he will benefit from leash-training to help curb that. Back at home, Jameson is eager to please and does as he’s asked, and has good house-manners. He can be left for about 6 hours during the day with no worries, if you don’t mind him snoozing on your sofa while you’re away. Jameson does not do well with cats, and with the proper Jameson18-001introductions, he gets along with other dogs. He will be fine as an only dog or with one close in age with a laid-back personality. Jameson is best suited for a quiet all adult home. A home with children under the age of 12, or a home where young children are frequent visitors will not be considered for him. Jameson is GRREAT’s first dog for 2018 and he would love to make you his #1 in a new forever home!