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KIKI (18-007) is a gentle, velcro girl who came to GRREAT from Egypt. She is estimated to be 7 years old and is currently 61 pounds and slightly overweight. Her energy level ranges from couch potato, to brisk walking on leash, to full throttle running when she spies a squirrel. Dog toys and balls do not interest her, but she has a fascination with finding a cleaning cloth and snuggling with it. Kiki’s socialization skills are at a beginner level; she does not do well with other dogs and will do best as the only pet in the home. Kiki’s biggest joy is to be right next to her person and she loves the companionship and attention. She does well when left alone, hopping up on the sofa for a snooze. Kiki is healthy and eats a regular diet as she continues to lose weight. She has had limited contact with children since arriving in the US, but there is no indication she doesn’t like them, she enjoys being petted and touched. Kiki’s leash walking abilities are getting better every day, and she loves getting out and about. She comes when called and will sit, but she is still figuring out that training can be fun. Kiki is completely housebroken. She is fine on short rides in the car, but can have an upset stomach on longer trips. Since Kiki insists on having her person with her when she goes outside, she does not require a fenced yard, just a committed walker. Kiki was nervous and anxious when she first arrived at her foster home and it took some time for her to begin to relax and feel comfortable.  We want Kiki’s forever home to give her the time and attention she deserves so she can begin to relax again. In return Kiki will become your best friend and constant buddy.   See her video here: