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Kotty17-047_2KOTTY (17-047) is an adorable 1 and a half yr old tripod from Egypt. Although she was born without her front right leg, she is full of spunk and lets nothing stand in the way of fun. When she first arrived, Kotty was very overweight which made it difficult for her to get around. She has since lost the extra weight and it’s made a huge difference. She is a tiny golden girl and at her ideal weight now around 36 pounds. Kotty loves toys and feels it’s very important to always have one in her mouth to take outside. She likes to play fetch and is pretty good about returning with the toy, and she loves squeaky plush toys but sometimes she de-stuffs them. She also loves a good game of tug. Kotty loves to play and run in our fenced yard and is always eager to go for a ride in the car.  She needs some work on leash walking but she doesn’t pull. She can manage our small flight of deck steps without a problem and can get on and off the couch where she especially loves to snuggle. Kotty has the typical golden personality; she loves being with her people, and is always ready to cuddle or play. Kotty17-047Kotty gets along well with her foster siblings too, though she sometimes thinks that all the toys belong to her. She has seen cats and not acted overly excited, though she’s never been directly introduced. She has lived with teenagers in the past and we think she might enjoy kids, but she does like to jump up so kids in her new home should be older. Kotty has learned the commands sit and down and we’re working on stay. She does very well being crated but we’re working on allowing her free access to the house with a mid-day walk. She is mostly house trained but has a very rare accident from time to time. She will also counter surf if there is a counter low enough for her to access. Kotty is food motivated and is always on the lookout for a possible snack. She loves to run in her fenced yard, but would do okay without one as long as she gets enough safe exercise. Kotty‘s small size, incredible cuteness and sweet loving personality will make this special tripod girl a perfect addition to the right Golden Furrever family!