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Kylie17-078KYLIE (17-078) is an adorable 5 1/2 year old active, petite (52 pounds) Golden girl with impeccable house manners. She is high energy outside, running and jumping with all four legs off the ground to catch a ball. See her video: https://vimeo.com/248979875.  Back in the house after running, she is a calm little lovebug. She will follow you from room to room and put her chin on your lap when she can, asking for affection. She dances in circles when you pick up the ball and head for the door – it’s playtime!Kylie comes when called and generally does what you want her to do. She rides well in the car and likes to be brushed. She is so polite that even when she jumps up to greet you, she stands on her back legs and gently hugs you Kylie17-078with her front paws. She sleeps quietly in her crate in the bedroom, but really loves to sleep on the bed with her people. We have been told there are dogs that Kylie gets along with, but mostly she barks and lunges at other dogs. She chases cats and squirrels. She walks well on leash and enjoys stopping to sniff at everything, and our best walks are when other dogs are not around for her to react to. Kylie can be left home alone for several hours without any problem, and then she will be delightfully excited to see you upon your return. She needs to burn off energy a couple times a day with ball chasing, so she needs a fenced yard or other secure area away from other dogs to run in. A single dog home without cats or visiting dogs where Kylie could be the little princess would be a perfect fit.