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LACEY (18-023) is an 8-year-old sweet and loving Velcro-Golden; her tail wags constantly and she is always smiling. This gentle soul follows her people from room-to-room and if a door separates her she will wait patiently for it to reopen. She gets along fine with other dogs and cats. Lacey is still learning the basics of house training. Much like a puppy, if given unsupervised free-access to the house without first going outside she will have occasional accidents, but, when given regular opportunities to go outside she does fine and understands the “potty” cue. Lacey has been diagnosed with a heart condition called SAS. She is not currently on medication but does take a daily Omega 3 supplement. Her cardiologist recommends that she be allowed to set her own activity level and discontinue activity when she chooses. Lacey likes to take short, easy walks and, although she does initially pull on the leash, she settles down after a few minutes. Because of her need for limited exercise she would do best in a home with children 10 or older. A fenced yard is preferred but easy access to an outside area while on a leash is acceptable as well. This gentle lady has a lot of love to give her Forever Family, and is ready to be your very best companion.