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Lassie and TarzanLASSIE (17-032) and TARZAN (17-033) are 7 yr old litter mates that ‘go together’ – literally. These two are double love, double fun and quadruple enjoyment. They are a bonded pair but human companionship is a top priority for both. They have been together since conception and truly care for each other, sharing everything without squabbles or bickering. Both are in good health except for some arthritis, and they love to go for walks and have good leash behaviors. They enjoy playing ball but are amazingly calm when you are, whether inside or out. A fenced yard is not needed. They can be left home alone but given a Lassie and Tarzan Lovechoice, they want you around. Both love children of all ages. Cats are unknown but brief encounters with them have been fine; curious but no chasing. They get along well with other canines. One of our favorite games is hide and seek; they are so fun to watch as they search for us! They do not prefer car rides and it can be a challenge to get them in, but once there they are fine. We are working on teaching them that going places is fun and they are learning. Their personalities are very different proving that the old ‘opposites attract’ is true; Tarzan is outgoing, Lassie is cautious. Both, however, provide enormous amounts of love and affection.