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Livvy17-003LIVVY (17-003) is a delightful 5 year old Golden girl who loves everyone; children, adults, other dogs, and even kitties.  She is energetic and in terrific health, and she loves to play and wrestle with other dogs!  Livvy weighs just 55 pounds, but she has a huge personality and makes us laugh often. She can be quite silly as she tilts her pretty head and perks up her big ears to listen to what we’re saying, and she often “talks” to us in little growlies and soft barks, carrying on a “conversation” with us.  Livvy loves toys of all sorts, especially balls and soft toys; she has the best time loving them to pieces though, ripping the covers from tennis balls and eviscerating the stuffed toys one by one.  We have not yet found a toy that is resistant to her “love”.  This smart girl knows a bunch of commands, including Sit, Stay, Come, Down, and [our personal favorite] High Five.  She does this last one reliably at each meal. Her appetite is excellent, and she enjoys veggies and bananas as snacks.  Livvy17-003_2Livvy is fully housebroken and will let us know when she needs to go outside to potty by barking and going to the door.  Car rides are easy with Livvy; she has her own harness that snaps into the seat belt, and she rides like a perfect young lady.  She walks well on a leash, but her preferred way to get exercise is to run really fast in our fenced back yard.  While she truly adores being outside, she also loves to snuggle on the couch next to us, curling up in a small ball and resting her head in our laps.  She practically hums when we pet her or brush her.  Livvy’s forever home should be a family that is home most of the day and should include another dog that is suitable for playing with her.  She also needs a well-fenced yard in which to run and play with supervision.  Livvy tends to be very submissive to the adults in the home when she first arrives, so she will need patience and understanding until she gains the confidence to scrape herself off the floor and interact with you as the secure and utterly charming young lady she is capable of being.  Oh! Did I mention that Livvy loves to give LOTS of kisses!