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Lizzy17-021_1LIZZY (17-021) is a gentle and loving 10 year old, 63 lb girl who would be an amazing companion for a family that can give her the attention she desires. Lizzy loves to follow us wherever we go and wants nothing more than to be by her humans’ side, so a family with someone home a lot would be ideal. Lizzy loves to be petted and will give a paw, a nudge or lay her head across our laps to let us know she wants more affection.  She enjoys tug of war and playing with tennis balls but needs sturdy toys. Lizzy is fully house trained and does her business quickly when taken outside. She does not climb on furniture and sleeps soundly through the night; laying guard at the end of our bed. Lizzy walks great on a leash, without any pulling and always stays by our side. Lizzy will bark to notify us when someone arrives, but then greets them with warmth and affection once inside. She gets along well with other dogs and endures the boundless energy of visiting puppies and young kids, but would prefer canine and human siblings that match her energy level and would provide her with a quieter environment. She Lizzy17-021_2finds cats so intriguing that she relentlessly barks and chases them, so she’d do better in a home without cats. Lizzy has two old knee injuries but has no trouble navigating steps or various flooring surfaces. She enjoys getting outside and taking both short and long walks which help minimize discomfort and keep her muscles fit. She takes a joint supplement as well as an Omega-3 supplement for overall health. She also takes an anti-anxiety medicine which may not be life-long if she finds a calm Forever Home.  Lizzy can’t wait to find her forever home where she will be loved and given lots of attention and will be sure to return the favor with so much love and affection that she will surely steal your heart.