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Luke17-046LUKE (17-046) is a very handsome six month old boy with a beautiful soft golden coat. He currently weighs around 40lbs and should reach about 70lbs when fully grown. Luke is generally well behaved in the home and can be left in a safely gated area in the house for short periods of time. It’s best to control access to anything chewable or appetizing for a young puppy since he is a curious boy. He’s fully housebroken and gets on well with all dogs. Luke truly loves every dog he meets and he is both playful and somewhat submissive. Luke also lives respectfully with an outgoing, dog-loving Siamese cat and they enjoy time being together in the home. He’s super affectionate and loyal and a typical Velcro golden. He loves to be wherever his family is whether it be lying on the sofa or on the bed cuddled up. It would be best if his new family was home much of the time. Luke’s ideal home would be with a family with some active older children, or another young dog who could run and play with him. He does jump up and down like a kangaroo when he gets excited, so probably no small children at this time. Luke will require a fenced yard as he loves to roll in the Luke17-046_1grass and lay outside while his people are home. He also loves to play soccer and ball games with our boys. For his energy level and age Luke needs several long walks a day and plenty of free time running off leash in a safely fenced yard to burn off all that puppy steam. He’s learned many commands including sit, stay, down, leave it, wait, and enjoys being trained and walks well on his leash. Continuing Luke’s training would definitely be beneficial and will also help to create a good bond between him and his new family members. Luke has been such a joy to foster. His happy go lucky, extremely kind and gentle nature plus his beautiful smiling golden face are still a wonder to us each and every day. He’s made so many friends in our neighborhood and is a much loved local celebrity.  Luke is tolerant of being bathed, having his nails clipped, and being brushed. He is in excellent health. The only thing Luke doesn’t care for is riding in the car. He’s not a good traveler and presently he tends to get car-sick. The vet has advised that he may outgrow this. If you are ready to add an energetic, loving young boy to your home and have plenty of time to devote to his exercise and continued training, then Luke could be a wonderful match for your family.