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Max16-040MAX (16-040) is a 7 year old cream-colored, cheerful and affectionate Goldendoodle. The poodle side of Max is finicky about food, but listens well to commands and walks nicely on a leash. And the Golden side of him is a comical clown that follows you everywhere and comes when called…most of the time. He gets along with other dogs, but not all, and for this reason he will be best suited in a single dog home, unless the other dog is an easy-going pooch. Max’s playful personality thinks it’s great fun to chase and pounce on cats. So unless your cat likes this, a home without them will be best as well. Max’s cute ‘doodle appearance is an attention-getter and many people comment on how cute he is; and trust me, Max knows it. But don’t be fooled, he’s always alert and can be a barker (and woo-wooer) that lets you know when someone is arriving. Max has had 2 knee surgeries. To help rebuild lost muscle during his recovery, his perfect forever home should be with someone who loves to walk and is committed to Max16-040maintaining his physical health. Before his surgeries, Max was unable to do flights of stairs. He is now able to do them, however, he still thinks that he cannot, and refuses to even try. So, because of this and because he thrives on being with people, a single story home, and one with very few outside steps will be another requirement for him. Max has great house manners and can be left for a normal workday. He is friendly with people of all ages, but he cannot resist jumping up. He is always reminded that he shouldn’t do this, and he knows it, but his enthusiasm gets the best of him. This means he should not be in a home with children less than 10 years old. Max may not look like a Golden Retriever on the outside, but he’s truly the best of both breeds on the inside that will be totally devoted to you and bring you the joy and unconditional love that only a Goldendoodle can give!