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PENNY (18-051) is a 5 yr old female, currently about 95 pounds and on her way down to her ideal weight of 75. She is very sweet and loves to be with people of all ages; an ideal family dog. While her energy level is medium, she loves her stuffed toys and likes to play a bit of tug-o-war – which she usually wins! She loves to be petted everywhere except her back legs, turning away from us when we’re drying her. Penny is a snuggler who will place her paw or head upon a free leg, lap or foot at any opportunity while wagging her tail enthusiastically. She has not attempted to jump onto any furniture. She gets along well with our two dogs, and with our cat. If you like to travel, she rides well in a car, settling down fairly quickly. Penny is well-behaved, fully house-trained and knows basic commands. She can go an entire workday alone but a midday walk is recommended, as is a fenced yard. She does walk well on a leash but a harness is recommended due to her size. Penny is overweight and has been diagnosed with a thyroid condition, for which she takes inexpensive oral medication two times per day in her food. She is also on a prescription diet food while she loses the weight, and has responded very well to this treatment. Initially she struggled physically when standing from a prone position due to her weight. However, as she’s lost a few pounds, this action has become easier for her. Penny will be a great addition to a loving family.