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Q17-084_2Q (17-084) is a handsome 1 yr old lap dog who has managed to charm just about every human he’s encountered with his winning personality. He is about 50 pounds and probably won’t get much bigger. Q is a high energy boy and needs regular daily exercise. He walks pretty well on his leash and is very good at fetch in a safely fenced yard. He also loves to play keep away, and will pick up just about anything and run from his people with it. This mouthy behavior extends to sticks, rocks and dangerous things too, so Q’s new family will have to stay on alert to keep him safe. He is getting better at “leave it” and will drop things in exchange for a treat. This behavior can sometimes extend to pulling on wrists or clothing, and although it has greatly improved since he’s been in his foster home, his Forever Family will have to continue this training. In the evenings he calms down with something to chew on as he settles in for the night. Q loves other dogs and is very friendly when Q17-084meeting new dogs. He is respectful of kids but occasionally knocks them down with his excitement, so his ideal home won’t have kids under 6. He is very interested in chasing cats, birds and squirrels. We are working on Q’s barking; he barks when we are preparing his food, eating our food, and at anyone who walks by our house. We have some strategies that are helping with this, and he is learning. Q is also working on house training. He is easily distracted outside and can forget to potty so his ideal adopter would be willing to put the time into training and being consistent with this sensitive young boy. In his short life, Q has had several homes and he really needs a stable Forever Family that knows puppies and is ready to train. Q is a lap dog at heart and loves to crawl into your lap for a snuggle and a nap. Good boy Q!