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RAY (18-008) is a handsome golden boy who is about 6 years old.   He’s slightly underweight, and his doctor says 85 pounds will be about right for this boy.  After his long journey from Egypt, Ray has adjusted quickly to life in a loving home  He is a smart boy and has charmed everyone he has met with his golden personality.  Ray loves to snuggle and follow people around the house, and he’s good with kids. He likes to drag blankets and soft toys around, and is very good at making himself nice and comfortable on the couch, the bed, or wherever your lap is. Ray gives hugs, kisses and listens pretty well. He is learning to sit, and walks VERY well on his leash (unless he spots a squirrel or cat). Ray loves his walks, and when he is ready for one, he will fetch his own leash and bring it to you! He would also like a fenced yard. He likes car rides (although he wants to sit in someone’s lap) so a doggie seatbelt will be useful. He is learning to play with his golden foster brother, and just recently discovered the fun of tug-of-war.  His manners have improved a lot in the short time he’s been in his foster home and he is quick and willing to learn.  When Ray is nervous he may look for something to chew. This is easily handled by trading him a treat for whatever you need to take from him. If he feels nervous, a chew bone with a little peanut butter does the trick very well and helps to calm him. Overall, Ray is an extremely sweet, well behaved golden boy looking for a home where people will be around to pet, snuggle and walk him. He will reward his new family with lots of love.