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REMY (17-069) is a super sweet 8-year old Golden mix with only three legs. This beautiful girl is 48 lbs. with amber eyes and a dashing white streak on her pretty face. Remy is a very quick learner (check out her VIDEO learning to pause and sit when we stop), has excellent house manners, and is very obedient to basic commands. Four years ago, Remy lost a leg after an accident jumping a fence. Today, Remy bounces along happily and enjoys short, brisk walks; check out a couple of her videos!: VIDEO 1VIDEO 2  In the house, Remy will do better with a home on one level and carpeting or non-slip floors to improve her mobility. Remy loves her crate and will happily eat and nap there.  She’ll also do a balancing act by sleeping on her back in the middle of the living room. Initially, Remy was startled by new or loud noises and felt safe in her crate. These days, Remy has grown accustomed to the noises in her foster home and is much more confident, especially following the example of our easy-going dogs. Remy has an intense chase interest in squirrels and other small animals and will sit at the window patiently looking for them. With this issue in mind, Remy can be easily managed and protected with a securely fenced yard or on leash outside. A family with older children who can understand her special needs can be considered. Once comfortable in a new home, Remy will gain confidence and joyously start thumping her tail whenever she sees you. We’ve loved watching her transition from shy to happy in our home and we’d love to see her do the same in her Forever Home.