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Rocket06-022_2ROCKET (06-022) Old Goldies Rock, and this one tops the list! Rocket is a 12+ year old soulful boy who is dignified, sweet, tolerant and mostly patient; except when it comes to food. His inner alarm clock triggers him to most definitely let you know it’s feeding time. He loves to mouth soft items in his stuffed toy or grab your kitchen towel and march about with pride. He gets along well with his foster siblings, but can be possessive of the soft toys. Of course, with sweetness and wisdom of age comes health issues and Rocket has several. Aging hips require his weight to be strictly maintained at 75 pounds and life to be lived in a single-level home with no more than 3 Rocket06-022steps, carpeting on the floors, and daily medication and supplements. In addition, he suffers from a chronic ear infection which requires diligent daily cleaning. He enjoys walks, although they are usually quite short, and does well on a leash except occasionally when that retriever nose says he just has to have one more sniff. He loves car rides and is so quiet you’ll want to check to see if he is still with you. He can exit a small car easily but definitely needs a heave ho on the butt end to enter the vehicle. He has no history with cats. No young children, but mature teens over 14 years would be okay. A fenced yard to keep him safe would be preferred. This snuggle bunny deserves a home with someone who will be devoted to his every need as he gracefully ages.