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sadie16-062_2SADIE (16-062) is a slender 7 yr old, 58 lb. long-legged GoldenDoodle. With her dark gray curly coat that sheds very minimally, her looks are remarkable and people often stop us on walks to admire her.  Sadie had a skin and ear infection when she came to us and her matted hair had to be clipped short, but she has completed her medication for both and is much more comfortable now. Fish oil and glucosamine supplements are helping her look and feel better. Sweet Sadie is a constant, ever-devoted companion. She likes napping on the couch next to you, following you around the house, and running around with you outside. She gets along with dogs and cats, but people are her favorite. Sadie can be left free in the house for a full workday, although counters should be free of food so she’s not tempted to countersurf. Apples are her favorite and sadie16-062_3she will grab one if the opportunity arises. Sadie will bark when people approach the front door, but is quick to befriend anyone who gives her attention. She likes to stand up on her hind legs to “hug” people and stare deeply into their eyes. Her other quirky trick is to “shake” her front paw to get your attention. When she is in a playful mood, she will run around with her mouth wide open and hook your hand or arm lightly to try to get you to play.  Because of her size and mannerisms, she is not recommended for small children. Sadie walks well on a leash once she gets over her initial excitement of leaving the house, and, with regular daily walks (currently 2.5 miles), she is content to veg out on the couch for most of the day and night. We are currently working on learning how to drop the ball after fetching it; consistency is key with her training. She is a very smart dog, very loving and eager to please.