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Sailor19 020 1 SAILOR (19-020) is a delightful two year old Golden with a beautiful long and wavy coat which will require daily brushing and maintenance. She currently weighs 74 lbs but needs to lose another 10 to get into top shape. Sailor sometimes requires a slow, supervised introduction to new dogs to allow a doggy friendship to develop.  She’s always lived as a single dog and really enjoys the one on one attention this allows her, so we feel she’s probably best suited to a home without another dog at this time. She lives well with a dog-savvy cat. Kids in the family should be teen-aged or older and have some dog experience. Sailor has been leash trained with a Halti or harness and walks well with this method. She is a medium energy dog, and would do well with a fenced yard to enjoy, but she also requires daily exercise. Sailor loves her collection of soft toys, she never destroys them, and will always have one in her mouth to welcome you when you arrive home. Sailor is house trained and has excellent house manners. She can be left on her own for 4/5 hours either free in the home or in the kitchen with a baby gate. Sailor absolutely loves to ride in the car and settles down quickly. She is obedient and knows several basic commands. Sailor’s ideal home would be with an experienced owner who has plenty of time to devote to her, and is also committed to her continued weight loss and taking daily care of her coat.