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Sam17-067_2SAM (17-067) is a loving, snuggly, Golden puppy who has just celebrated his first birthday. He currently weighs 56 pounds and is still growing. Sam is a Velcro boy and is happiest following his people around the house or playing with his canine foster brother. He is also a big fan of kids, but since he still tends to jump up with excitement, we’re looking for families with kids older than 6. Sam likes to play with toys and chew toys are his favorite. He is interested in tennis balls, though he will need practice bringing the ball all the way back and dropping it so that it can be thrown again. Currently Sam will surf counters and tables and we are working on better manners. Sam is crate trained, although he tends to bark a little before settling down. Sam walks well on his leash with the use of a front lead harness but he will need further training with this. He likes to bark when he sees other Sam17-067dogs and also reacts to any barking he might hear in the neighborhood. He likes to ride in the car and does well. Sam is interested in water (rain puddles are Sam-magnets), but we are not sure about swimming. He would prefer a fenced yard where he can have safe, off-leash playtime, and would do well with someone who is around much of the time. With enough exercise, Sam is usually sound asleep early in the evening; usually with his head resting in someone’s lap. Sam’s ideal family would have experience with dogs and be dedicated to continuing his training so that he can become the wonderful dog he is meant to be.