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Sandy17-076_2SANDY (17-076) is a gorgeous 58 pound Golden.  She was reported to be 11 years old but we think she is closer to 8 years because she has the energy of a much younger dog. Sandy is in good health, only needing one tooth extracted. She has very good leash manners and is easy to handle on the leash whether walking or running. Sandy is a very loving dog and likes meeting people. She is very good with kids as well and waits to be petted by them. Sandy has a regular routine and is happy to go to bed early and sleep soundly through the night. She is completely house broken and has free reign of the house for a full workday. She will ask to go out if she really needs to and we take her out about four times a day for about 30-60 minutes. She does like her time outside and loves to chase after squirrels. Sandy listens to commands well and comes back to you when asked, so with some training can be taught to be Sandy17-076_3off leash in safe places. Sandy also travels well and looks forward to car trips. She is very flexible and adjusts to new places and circumstances with ease.  She has beautiful soft fur and is fun to cuddle. Sandy is still learning to play with dog toys since it seems like she has not had them before. She was apprehensive with other dogs when we initially got her, but over the course of a few weeks she has become more comfortable.  She will still need structured introductions to new dogs but when she was in boarding over the holidays they mentioned that she played well with other gentle dogs in the facility. All in all she is your typical fun loving Golden; a true gem that will make a great addition to her forever family.  She will reward them with love, good manners, and lots of cuddles