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Stella16-043STELLA (16-043)  I’m Stella; 11 years old, petite and oh-so-sweet. You would never guess my age since I have lots of energy and can run, jump and play like a pup. I can get a little nervous around other dogs, mostly because I am shy, so I would like to be the only dog in my new family; I just love individual attention! I get along with cats and happily chase them when they scamper. Since I often get lonely, I would love a furever home where the people are around much of the time; I really love attention and pets and just hanging out with my family. I have lived in a home with older children who like to spend time with me and play tug of war. I also love to carry around my tennis ball, but my favorite toy is my flat snow man. I carry him around and take very good care of him. I am ready to learn new things and eager to please my people; give me positive reinforcement and I will learn very quickly. I always do my business outside since this makes my people very happy, and I love to travel and will hop right into the car, ready to go on any adventure. I am trying to talk but when I open and shut my mouth, no words come out–just a cute little yip. When I get excited or hungry I say “roo, roo”.   My foster family seems to understand me and they think it’s cute so I’ll keep trying to talk. I love going for walks but sometimes I’m so excited I pull a little on the leash; I’m working at walking gently, but there are so many great smells out there!  I can’t wait to find my forever home where they will love me, pet me, take me on walks and car rides, and I promise to give my new people lots of love in return.