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STORM (18-057) is a 2-year-old Golden-Great Pyrenes mix who weighs 75 pounds. She is a very sweet and intelligent girl, and is a devoted companion who keeps a close eye on her people, alerting them to anything amiss. She gets along with other dogs and cats but her perfect canine sibling would be a dog who is laid back since she can be a bit pushy at times and has demonstrated some resource guarding.  She enjoys herding and playing with the cat at her foster home so her feline sibling would need to be dog savvy and tolerant of her desire to play. She is a high energy dog who will need a large fenced yard and regular exercise. She is house trained and has good house manners. Because of her resource guarding and tendency to bolt through doors she will need an experienced owner who can continue her positive reinforcement training and a home without children. Sweet Storm is an interesting girl who demonstrates several traits from each of her breed lineages. She craves attention, loves to snuggle and will bark at most everything. She learns quickly, is sensitive and is very aware of body language. And she is devoted to and protective of her family. She does not appreciate strangers on her turf, but with a little time and careful introduction, she quickly learns that visitors are friends.