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Tegan16-065_012517TEGAN (16-065) is a delightful 1 yr old Goldendoodle.  She has a wonderful, fun-loving personality that has blossomed over the past few months. Unfortunately, she didn’t start out that way. Tegan came to GRREAT confused, afraid, and in pain. She was dumped at a shelter when she was only 8 months old when it was determined that she had “bad” hips. When she first came to her foster home, she wouldn’t look at anyone or interact in any way, she didn’t even play with toys. Fast forward four months, two hip surgeries, and lots and lots of loving later, Tegan is out of her shell and getting stronger everyday; she’s currently up to two mile walks at a time. Tegan LOVES to play with tennis balls and is content to PLAY BY HERSELF or PLAY FETCH WITH HER PEOPLE. Tegan is looking for a Forever Home that is willing to handle her puppy energy and mischievousness. For instance, she will still pick up any and every toy, clothing article, leaf, stick, rock – ANYthing – and if you don’t catch her to tell her to drop it, it will be chewed and swallowed. Tegan16-065_032917Tegan also has a mostly adorable habit of flea biting your arm when you scratch her. The only problem is that sometimes she accidentally pinches so we’re working on that. Tegan is mostly housebroken, having only rare accidents here and there, and she still needs a mid-day walk during the work week. She loves other dogs and would love to have one or more in her family, cats are unknown, and she really likes kids. However, any kids in the family need to be old enough to be empathetic of her sensitive hips and understand not to lean on them or play roughly, and there cannot be any small toys or clutter that she can ingest. Unlike many Goldendoodles, Tegan’s beautiful coat will require regular professional grooming and she does shed a bit. Sweet Tegan is a happy, energetic, beautiful pup, inside and out, and she will blossom even more in the right home.