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TJ (18-009) is a 7 yr old sweet, sensitive, loving Golden who wants to be near his people. He is a big boy weighing in at 100 pounds, and is working to lose a little bit of weight. He is friendly with other dogs and loves to follow his canine foster brother around. TJ loves cuddling, pets, and walks. He pulls a little on his leash, but is getting better every day. He shows some interest in chasing cats, but largely ignores them, so he might be able to live in a home with a cat. He rides well in the car and enjoys it. TJ does bark at people walking by his home, or even cars pulling up, but once someone enters the house he is happy to greet them and welcome them in. TJ loves soft toys and is proud to tour the house with 2 or 3 in his mouth at one time. He will happily show off this skill to any human visitor that will pay him any attention. Since he is only in the backyard if people are there, a fenced yard isn’t required as long as there are plenty of daily walks. We haven’t encountered a human that TJ is not excited to meet and befriend. He has strangers approach him regularly in the park to admire and pet him, and he behaves like a sweet gentleman. TJ has good manners in the house and is very respectful of humans while they are eating. He sleeps well at night, often on the bed with his people, though he is also content to sleep on a dog bed too. He shows no interest in getting on the couch or other furniture. TJ is house trained, though he did have one accident while in foster care. TJ sometimes likes to steal napkins, tissues or small scraps of paper, but will easily trade for a treat. It is important to calmly trade with TJ in order to help him feel respected. TJ has had some confusing relationships with humans in the past, so he is looking for humans that are patient and thoughtful with dogs that have been through some rough times. For this reason, we can only consider families without kids under 14. Most important for TJ is that his new family is experienced with dogs and will provide caring leadership for this sweet fellow.