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Truman19 022TRUMAN (19-022) is a 2 yr old sweet and loving golden. When he arrived in his foster home he adjusted quickly and became friends with his foster brothers right away; playing often and running around outside. A fenced yard would be ideal for Truman so he can safely enjoy his time outside. He loves toys including nylabones and of course balls! Keeping a check on everyone in the house is something he also likes to do. Truman is a lover of water; clean or Muddy, makes no difference! He likes to get under the hose when the flowers outside are being watered. This fella would prefer to have someone home with him most of the day because snuggle time is important for him. Whether it’s on the couch, floor or bed he sucks it all in. He loves car rides and has no trouble jumping in, but will occasionally get car sick. Children of any age would be fine but if they’re really young, 100% adult supervision  is necessary since he can be rough while playing. He needs to continue working on walking on leash because he still pulls hard at first. Truman is an active golden that would enjoy an active family, but knows when to settle down.