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TUCKER (18-032) is a two year old, 73 lb out-sized dog with an out-sized personality. On the introvert-extrovert scale, he is pegged all the way over at E. He loves attention, playing with other dogs, going for walks, going to the dog park, and riding in a car. He seems to love water as well, although his foster parents have not given him access to the river. Although he has been around small children previously, and is reportedly very friendly with them, his size and his enthusiasm might scare some small children. A home with children over 10 would be ideal. Tucker is completely housebroken and he has good manners, except for an occasional stolen piece of food from the counter; his nose is at counter level, so his forever family will need to be vigilant about keeping food out of his reach. He responds well to commands and when his behavior needs correction, a simple “no” suffices. He is in good health and at the perfect weight; the only physical issue is that his right eye is a little milky, but it does not seem to affect his vision. He does pull on a leash, so he will need some work on that behavior. The ideal home for him will include at least one other dog, a fenced yard, and must have someone home with him most of the day. He is crate trained, but in the experience of his foster family, he does not require one and has been free in the house with no issues. He requires a moderate amount of exercise, but he is not a hyper active dog. He is a sweet, normal two year old golden who will be a wonderful addition to his forever family.