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Jasper Scher

We don’t know how old he was or who he belonged to.  We just know that one day in July, 2008 this old guy was found wandering the streets in rural Virginia very sick and alone.  An angel brought him to GRREAT and he lived out the last one and half years of his life well loved and cared for.  No one knew his name; that didn’t matter since he couldn’t hear well.  Jasper (GRREAT long term foster dog #08-130)  had his ‘issues’ – he was cranky with dogs (all neighborhood dogs parted ways with him); he was large and clumsy and decrepit (when he fell, he just rolled over for tummy rubs), and medically challenged (the list is too long to discuss).  But he was always a gentleman and gave limitless love and devotion.  Look into his eyes and see the sweet soul he was.  What a gift it was to foster an old guy like Jasper.  He will always be remembered and loved.  Linda Scher, and Alan & Mollie Dickerson