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We are looking for someone to take on the basic maintenance of a WordPress driven website.

Duties include basic management and maintenance of the technical environment (cpanel, PHP, mysql, etc.), and plugins; troubleshooting; the addition of new features; and the maintenance of the GRREAT store.

Day to day content posting is generally handled by various other volunteers so this role is for someone with experience in maintaining the technical side of a WordPress website.

In addition, the webmaster is responsible for managing the webmaster mailbox, DNS associated with GRREAT, and the Hosted Gmail account for GRREAT.

In addition, we are seeking a new web host for the entire site. However, this is not an immediate requirement and can be addressed by the new webmaster at a later date. The Webmaster does not need to live in the GRREAT service area. If you are able to volunteer for this position, please email president@grreat.org.